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Size It Right: Expert Tips in our Conference Table Buying Guide 2023

Size It Right: Expert Tips in our Conference Table Buying Guide 2023

If you're setting up a meeting room for your office, you'll undoubtedly be pondering over the most suitable conference table for your office requirements. As the focal point of the room, it's essential that the meeting table you select ticks several boxes, considering factors like the number of colleagues you have, the dimensions of the room, and the type of work that will be conducted at the table. In this article, we delve into the key questions you should consider when searching for a conference table, guiding you towards the answers you're looking for.

What Will Your Meeting Room Be Used For?

Meeting Table

It might seem like an odd comparison, but choosing a conference table is a bit like selecting shoes. You might be clear on the size, yet there's an array of tables, each tailored for specific scenarios. If you're envisioning your meeting room as a central point for collaborative chats, you might lean towards a round table to foster a more relaxed working environment. However, if it's primarily for board meetings or presentations, then a longer, banquet-style table, accommodating up to 12 individuals, could be more apt. This all hinges on your overarching concept for the room, which we delve into in this article, discussing various meeting room styles and offering crucial design insights.

How Do I Choose The Right Size Meeting Table?

Now, even the most cutting-edge Nikes won’t benefit you in a casual football match if you accidentally purchase Size 12 boots for Size 10 feet. The same principle applies to meeting tables—the design might be impressively modern, but it's pointless if the size isn’t right.

Several factors determine the appropriate size for your new conference table. Primarily, you'll need to measure the Conference Room's dimensions. The room should be at least 1.8 metres wider and longer than the table to ensure those standing have ample space to move around seated individuals. Ideally, you'd want the room to be about 2.4 metres wider and longer for easy movement, irrespective of the number of seated attendees. Therefore, a table for six people measuring 1.8x0.9 metres requires a room of at least 3.6 x 2.7 metres, although 4.2 x 3.3 metres would be considerably more comfortable.

Having established your table's maximum size based on the room's dimensions, it’s equally essential to determine the table's minimum capacity. Most conference tables are around 76 cm high, but there's a diverse range of lengths and widths to fit different team sizes. Here’s a quick overview of the dimensions you’ll need, depending on your group size:

Size Minimum Table Size Maximum Size
6 people 1.8 x 0.9 m 2.4 x 1.2 m
8 people 2.4 x 1.2 m 3 x 1.2 m
10 people 3 x 1.2 m 4.2 x 1.2 m
12 people 4.2 x 1.2 m 4.8 x 1.2 m


The varied size range for each meeting size relates to the conference room's intended use. If aiming for maximum space utilisation, allocating about 76 cm of space for each seated team member will suffice. But if attendees will frequently reference laptops and documents, it’s advisable to provide a minimum of 106 cm of table space for them to spread out. For a truly lavish setup, offering each person 122 cm of space encourages a relaxed atmosphere. Contemplate the table's actual use, and you’ll ascertain the exact space to allocate per individual.

A Few Final Thoughts

Whilst dimensions are important, they're not the sole factor to consider. Here are a few additional elements to ponder when selecting the ideal conference table for your team:

Electrical Access

When mapping out your meeting room, don’t overlook your power needs. Having a central and accessible power source is key to avoiding the inconvenience of numerous power cables cluttering the floor. Ideally, opt for a table equipped with cable ports, ensuring everyone can connect seamlessly and manage their cables tidily.


If you foresee team expansion and your meeting space permits, consider investing in a flexible table. This allows the adaptability of increasing your table size to cater to more team members in the future.

Meeting Chairs

The importance of the right seating can't be understated. For sustained team efficiency during prolonged meetings, comfort is crucial. Ergonomic chairs come highly recommended, crafted with the intention of enhancing comfort and thus, productivity.

With a clearer understanding of your requirements, it's the moment to select the perfect conference table for your workspace. Here at Loop, we present a range of distinct meeting tables, each meticulously crafted and adaptable. We urge you to explore the range, weigh up their sizes and capacities, and make your pick. We're confident in the unparalleled quality offered at such competitive prices.

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